Taking a break

The crew is offline for a break – you can find Christian Schade at Capgemini.

If you are looking for truffle, check out www.jewelsoftaste.dk 🙂

Agile consultancy

New Media Crew offers freelance Scrum Master or Product Owner services, agile coaching and training at all levels of the organization, process design and adaption, helping you implement the agile methodologies in a way that suits your needs – not the other way around.

Strong Agile credentials

New Media Crew can deliver comprehensive agile experience, as well as certified employees and management. We can help you introduce agile methodologies – including scaled Scrum – and make sure you get the benefits you are looking for.

Project Management

New Media Crew can help ensure that your important digital projects stay on track and get delivered on time – including managing your external suppliers. Project management requires more than knowing the rules a framework or how to convince with a PowerPoint presentation. Use a professional, experienced project manager to handle the unknown unknowns, pitfalls and challenges that your project unavoidably will meet.

Strategic implementation

Managing a large project portfolio, rolling out a program of strategic change or just getting around to the down-and-dirty parts of actually running the projects, recruiting the team and managing deliverables is one of our specialties.

Project crisis management

New Media Crew can help if you have a major IT project in serious crisis or a software development organization in disarray. Using agile methodologies and an extensive communications and systems toolbox, we can get your project back on track.

Strategic sanity checking

New Media Crew offers to validate your strategies before you commit your organization to a significant undertaking such as a business merger, a big investment or a major project. We look at your plans from an adversarial perspective, using the contrarian analysis techniques known as Red Teaming.

Red Teaming challenges all assumptions and protects against psychological biases and traps when crating strategies and plans. Our subsidiary Antagoniq is one of the first European agencies that uses this new, revolutionary strategic discipline to help clients avoid disasters. Read more about how Red Teaming can help ensure success at Antagoniq.com

Market-leading platforms

New Media Crew helps clients structure projects and documentation, handle customer relationships or sell online through implementation of top-of-the-line platforms such as JIRA, Confluence, Zendesk or Shopify. Selecting a tool is less than half of the project, organizational implementation, communication and practical process design is often overlooked when taking in cloud-based enterprise tools – we can help you ensure a successful implementation.